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10th September 2014

League information

In 2007, after a fifteen year hiatus, a baseball competition returned to Hobart under the banner of Baseball Tasmania. The competition continued under this name until the 2013/4 season when the competition was renamed the Hobart Summer Baseball League, with Baseball Tasmania the governing body.

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A New Beginning:

Mercury June 13th 2007


Umpires requested

Calling all members; despite positive response from some members to assist with umpiring this season, we are looking for more people who are interested in umpiring, whether it be home plate or base, to spread the load. Anyone interested, particularly for one of the two games on Sunday, please contact David on 0468 927 363. Thank you to Jason Featherstone and Steve Harris for agreeing to umpire the evening games this week.

Match report: Northern White Sox V Dragons 30th October

Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Total Hits
Dragons 2 2 3 4 4 0   15 11
Northern White Sox 1 0 2 2 0 x   5 5


The Dragons opened their account for the 2014/15 season with a 15-5 pounding of the previously unbeaten Northern White Sox. Heads up base running and timely hitting gave the Dragons an early lead on which they kept on building for the rest of the game. Brendan Adams was pitching very well for the Dragons but at 3-7 after three innings, the White Sox were still in the game. Peter McManus was pitching well for the Sox but indifferent defence was not helping his or his team's cause. Any hope the White Sox had disappered in the top of the fourth as the Dragons pounded out four runs and whilst the Sox responded with two runs of their own, they were never really in the match thereafter. A four run fifth by the Dragons was the icing on the cake with the highlight being a two run home run by Brendan Adams. Adams was ably supported by Jason Featherstone and Rhys Watts who both had two hits but it was a solid team effort by the Dragons. The Sox struggled to get a big innings going but hung in there for as long as they could before the Dragons overwhelmed them. Thanks to Steve Harris for umpiring and to Norm Johns for scoring. David

Next training night

4th November 2014  6 pm to 7.30 pm

Registration fees

Members are reminded that in order to be in the draw for one lucky member to have their fees refunded, the full registration fee must be paid by 9th November 2014. The draw will be held after training on Tuesday 11th November.

Notwithstanding the above, it would be appreciated if all members have paid their fees in full by 30th November 2014, unless other arrangements have been made. David

News headlines

Cleats (footwear) and left hander's gloves now available


Sinclair's Health & Fitness has just announced arrival of cleats and left hander's gloves

Match photos


Photos available in gallery of opening round and round two game between Blue Jays and Dragons

Season Preview


Can the Eastern Athletics win their fourth title in a row?

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Access to "member only" items and updating personal information

New member info & membership fee payments


"Join now" option under "new member info"

Masters team news


Developments on proposed Tassie over 35 Master team for next year's Victorian Masters Baseball Carnival in Ballarat

Baseball pants for sale


Pair of size 36 baseball pants available 

35 and Over Masters team


Are you interested in being a member of a Master's team to compete in Ballarat next year?

New stock of gear


New stock of baseball gear arrived at Sinclair's

Baseball gear discounts


10% discount on baseball gear to Baseball Tasmania members

Wet weather policy

With the forecast of rain today, I would like to highlight the league's policy towards wet weather and whether a game either commences or continues.

Under the league's playing conditions (found under "new member info" above),

7. a) WET WEATHER. A game cannot commence if it is raining at the scheduled start time. In the event of wet weather during roster games, it will be at the umpire’s discretion as to play stopping and re-starting. Umpires are to make every effort to ensure that legal games (i.e. 65 minutes) are completed, without compromising player safety.

7. b)  WET WEATHER PRIOR TO A GAME COMMENCING. If there has been heavy or consistent rain falling in the region of the ground on the day of a game, a member of the League Executive may “abandon” a game at least TWO (2) HOURS prior to the scheduled start time. Furthermore, if the Team Managers and umpire, upon seeing the ground, agree there is too much water on the ground to play a safe game, then the umpire will “call” the game off.

NOTE: Roster Matches which are washed out or abandoned will result in a 9-9 draw, and equal points awarded.

If a game is cancelled, then notification will be posted on our Facebook page and the website as soon as practical after the decision is made. We appreciate that with Hobart's weather, conditions can improve dramatically in the two hour period leading up to the game but the chances are that if there has been constant rain, the ground will not be fit to play on. The two hour notification also takes into account those members who have to travel distance to the games and/or have to make arrangements for child minding etc. David

Important reminder for Sunday

To ensure players are covered by the Australian Baseball Federation Insurance, it is a requirement that each player pay $50 of their registration BEFORE participating in a game of baseball. The league has a duty of care to its members therefore if the $50 is not paid, you are not covered therefore we cannot allow you to play. 

To avoid the registration process encroaching upon your warm up time, it is requested that players print off a registration form from the website (under "forms" in "new member info") and that you arrive at the ground at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of your game. David

Uniforms and Sunday's teams


10.30 am to 12.30 pm  Blue Jays V Northern White Sox     Umpire Grant Stump

1.00 pm to 3.00 pm     Eastern Athletics V Dragons            Umpire: Steve Harris

Please check "team news" for teams for Sunday's Opening Round. Some teams have been changed to balance numbers and to allocate new members who attended this evening's Open Day.

People who were unable to attend the Open Days but who would still like to play baseball, are also welcome and will be allocated to teams on the day. These players would still be required to complete a registration form and pay the $50 insurance/ABF component of their fees prior to playing.

 It would be appreciated if players could be at the ground to warm up and to register at least 45 minutes prior to each game.


I am pleased to report that we are making progress with regards to uniforms for the Blue Jays, Eastern Athletics and Northern White Sox. Mock ups are currently being made by Allsports Attire and should be available for viewing shortly. Unfortunately, once our order is submitted, it will possibly be a further five weeks before the uniforms arrive but I will do my best to speed up the process. In the team lists, I have indicated with an * those members for whom I have uniform sizes. I will have the uniform samples at the games on Sunday for those members who have not tried them on but I have also attached a sizing chart sent by Allsports for those who would like to advise me in advance. 

The league will be selling the uniform tops to Baseball Tasmania/ABF members for $40. I am holding monies paid by members last season so if there are any queries, please let me know. David

Allsports Apparel Sizing List


Important information for 2014/15 HSBL season

At the committee meeting held on Monday 6th October 2014, the following decisions were made in relation to the HSBL 2014/15 season:


The fees for 2014/15 will be as follows:

$185 for seniors and $130 for those members who are under 18, full time students or unemployed. We appreciate this is an increase in last season's fees but this has been necessary to cover increased costs for ground rental and to ensure that the league can provide improved facilities going forward.

To ensure a member is registered with Australian Baseball Federation and therefore covered by their insurance, an amount of $50 off their total fee must be paid before they participate in their first roster game. 

Once again, we will have a draw whereby a member can have all their fee refunded if they have paid their fee, in full, by 9th November 2014

Please note: We still have the option of paying an amount per game but these amounts have increased for the 2014/15 season to $15 for seniors and $10 for under 18 etc. 


Other important information:

  • At this stage, the 2014/15 season will be contested by four teams, the Eastern Athletics, the Dragons Softball team, the Blue Jays and the Northern Sox (name still to be finalised) and commence on Sunday 19th October. The league has been reduced to four to ensure each competing team has enough players to cover work and family commitments etc. New players will be allocated to teams following next Sunday's Open Day. 
  • The roster will be finalised over the next week with some changes to the set up from last season. Games will now be of two hour duration, weather and light permitting, with weekday games played from 5.45 pm to 7.45 pm and a round of games played on one Sunday a month (possibly two in December but more about that later). The game duration change has been introduced to allow fairer game time for all members. The times for Sunday games will be finalised once the roster is drawn up
  • The umpires will again be primarily sourced from the over 45 Master's team and those Baseball Tasmania members who have indicated they are willing to help out.
  • For the first season in a few years, each game will be scored and statistics kept to not only provide more information for media results but also to allow the league to provide awards at the end of the season. In addition, for the first time, umpires will be asked to cast votes for best players for which a separate award will be given at the end of the season.


Hobart Summer Baseball League teams for season 2014/15

The team lists for each team competing in the HSBL 2014/15 season are shown under their respective team news item above. The teams have been formed based on those existing players who have contacted us and those new players who attended our Open Days, but are by no means complete. If there are any existing players who have not indicated their continued participation or any new players who would like to give our great game a go, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

If team managers know of any returning players whose names were not passed on to us, please let me know so I can update accordingly.

New uniforms will be ordered over the next couple of days but given the time of year, they may take a while to reach us. In the meantime, it would be appreciated if team members would wear a top representative of the main colours of their team ie

Eastern Athletics: green

Dragons: traditional uniform

Blue Jays: blue

Northern White Sox: black

Please note: At the present time, there are not enough players to warrant the presence of a fifth team AND not risk a repeat of the issues which confronted us at the end of the 2013/14 season. Accordingly, the members who played for the Red Sox last season and who have indicated their wish to continue on this season, have been allocated to the White Sox team. 

The aim of the league is to have an even competition where all members have the same opportunities to play the game of baseball. To achieve this aim, it may be necessary to invite players to change teams and we hope that players would understand that any moves would be for the better of the competition and through that, increase their enjoyment of the game.

If there are any concerns regarding the teams, please contact us.



HSBL Grand Final 2013/14

Left to right, Aaron Mann, drives in a run for the Athletics; Dragons skipper Adam de Cotter celebrates with Michael Blake, as the latter connects with a two run homer; Richard Benoit drives in the first run for the Athletics, and Shane Davies watches on as Dean Chamberlain pitches for the Dragons. More photos in the gallery.

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Stop press! making their debut in Mainstage Theatre's production of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown", Baseball Tasmania's "catchers' mitt" and "breast plate"! Get along, support local theatre, see our "representatives" perform! See "Socially Speaking" for Mainstage Theatre's Facebook page

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Baseball Tasmania EFT details

Account: Baseball Tasmania

BSB: 037-001

Account number: 481722


2013/14 Premiers: Eastern Athletics

2013/14 Premiers: Eastern Athletics

L to R (back) Steve Lovegrove, Aaron Mann, Brenton West, Stuart Smith, John Langenberg, Robbie Devine

L to R (front) Brett Szymanski, Richard Benoit, Andrew (Sully) Sullivan (c), Nigel O'Brien, Grant Stump

Upcoming games

(first named team is home team and will occupy the third base dugout)

Sunday 2nd November

10.30 am to 12.30 am Dragons V Eastern Athletics; Umpire Peter Hubble

1.00 pm to 3.00 pm    Blue Jays V Northern White Sox

Wednesday 5th November 

5.45 pm to 7.45 pm  Eastern Athletics V Northern White Sox

Thursday 6th November

5.45 pm to 7.45 pm Blue Jays V Dragons

Current ladder


  W L Pct GB
Eastern Athletics 2 1 0.667  
Northern White Sox 2 1 0.667 0.5
Blue Jays 1 2 0.333 1.5
Dragons 1 2 0.333 1.5


Back to where we belong!

Opening Day Hobart Summer Baseball League 2014/15

Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground

Socially Speaking

This section is for the promotion of social events being conducted round Hobart. Anyone wishing to promote an event, please contact us. David.

First up,

the local stage production of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" by Mainstage Theatre

Venue: Peacock Theatre

Dates: 23rd October to 2nd November

Bookings: Centretainment