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10th September 2014

Welcome to the Raine & Horne, Hobart Summer Baseball League

Over the last three to four seasons, we have been actively seeking sponsors for the league, in particularly, a sponsor which would take up a naming rights' option. I am thrilled to announce that Raine & Horne Hobart have today come on board as our first Platinum Sponsor which means that our league will now be known as the Raine & Horne, Hobart Summer Baseball League. Thank you very much to Ron, Paul and David Brooks. David (29/9/2016) http://www.raineandhorne.com.au/hobart

Baseball Tasmania Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Thank you to all those members who contributed to the compiling of this document.

Baseball Tasmania Strategic Plan 2016-2021

David Searle


Baseball Tasmania

0468 927 363

Exhibition Game

As you would be aware, the Australian Masters Games are being held on the north west coast this year. Whilst we will not be entering teams in the competition, there has been talk about the league holding an exhibition match at the Spreyton diamond. Assuming the ground is available, I had thought of holding a match on Saturday 9th September. The Launceston Baseball League is hoping to hold a "Come n Try" day the following day so if the game goes ahead, some members may like to stay over for the latter. A lot of this is up in the air at the moment but if I could have some idea as to who would be interested IF the exhibition game proceeds.


David ???? (23/8/2017)

TCA nets training session (updated 23-8-2017)

Once again the TCA nets are available to individuals, groups and teams for training during the off season. Baseball Tasmania has been offered a session from 4.45pm on a Saturday and the next of these will be this Saturday (26th August). Thanks to Beau McNeil for overseeing this session. Depending on how many people participate and how many nets are used, the cost per person is generally around $10-20. Please note that those attendees who are not financial members of Baseball Tasmania are not covered by insurance for these sessions. 

David (23/8/2017)

Season 2017/18 news: (updated 16/8/2017)

The 2017/18 Raine & Horne HSBL season will commence on Sunday 8th October. As with last season, the first two rounds will be held on Sundays and this season, there will be a break between 21st October and 29th October to coincide with the National Masters Games on the north-west coast and Hobart Show Day. The 2017/18 Grand Final will be held on Sunday March 4th 2018. David


There was much talk last season regarding the establishment of a two tier league. At a recent committee meeting, it was agreed that format changes would NOT be introduced until the 2018/19 season. This deferment would allow both members and teams time to consider their options, allow more time to look at the pros and cons and allow time to look at best practice rules for any proposed two tier format.

Following on from the above, and I appreciate it is still two months to go before the pre-season/"come try" days, if anyone is interested in playing baseball in the 2017/18 season, please contact me on 0468 927 363 or email me at baseballtasmania@yahoo.com.

David (14/7/2017)

Australian Masters Games: North West Tasmania October 21st to 28th 2017

Whilst Baseball Tasmania will not be entering any teams in the above competition, there are vacancies for individual players on other baseball and softball teams, contacts and details of which are listed below.

Australian Masters Games: Join A Team


David (11/8/2017)

General committee meeting August 2017

Confirming that our next committee meeting will be on Wednesday 9th August; 7pm at Hotel Soho.


Multicultural Council of Tasmania

As we continue to build our league, with the aim of making baseball accessible and enjoyable for people from all walks of life, I am pleased to announce that we have been approved as a member of the Multicultural Council of Tasmania. Their website now has a direct link to ours and we welcome people of all nationalities to experience the game of baseball.

Multicultural Council of Tasmania



Grant success 2017

On behalf of Baseball Tasmania and the Raine & Horne Hobart Summer Baseball League, I can officially announce that we have been successful in obtaining a $45,000 grant from the State Government. Thank you to Elise Archer MP and the State Government. Thank you also to Terese Millhouse for all her work in compiling and submitting the original application, and to Louise Carr and Aaron Jarvis for participating in today's photo shoot to officially announce our success. Upward and onward for baseball in Tasmania. ------------------------------------------------------Comment from Elise Archer MP's Facebook page: "Great to ‘catch’ up with baseball players David Searle (Northern White Socks), Aaron Jarvis (Dragons) and Louise Carr (Eastern Athletics) this afternoon to announce a $45,000 Community Infrastructure Fund grant from the State Government to Baseball Tasmania for ground improvements at Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground. The money will be used to provide a new and more appropriate back netting for the batting area; a batting cage in which to practise batting, pitching and the catcher's role; and a new pitching mound. I look forward to coming back and checking it out when it’s all complete!" David (23/6/2017)

Your executive committee for the 2017/18 season

Thank you very much to all those members who attended our AGM; our best turnout ever. Welcome to the Raine & Horne HSBL to Jaime McDonald. 
Terese and Zac decided to not continue on as secretary and vice president respectively. On behalf of Baseball Tasmania, I would like to thank them both for their hard work over the last season. 
I am pleased to announce that Baseball Tasmania's executive committee for season 2017/18 will be:

President: David Searle
Snr vice president: Chris Chalker
Jnr vice presidents: Aaron Jarvis & Steve Harris
Secretary: Gene Wheeler 
Treasurer: Peter Hubble.

David (15/5/2017)


The AGM for Baseball Tasmania has been confirmed for Monday, 15 May 2017, 7pm start at The Talbot in New Town (upstairs). Attendees will be able to order a meal at the bar upon arrival and take it upstairs.

I would encourage as many members as possible to attend, not only to hear how the league progressed in the 2016/17 season but also to hear what lies ahead. The upcoming 2017/18 season is the 10th anniversary of this current league.

If you have any agenda items please let Terese Millhouse know by COB Wednesday 10 May.

David (1/5/2017)

HSBL sponsors (Updated 1/5/2017)


Platinum & Naming Rights Sponsor: Raine & Horne Real Estate Hobart


Hobart Blue Jays:      Hotel Soho

Northern White Sox:  Tas Keno

Eastern Athletics: Customs House Hotel

Orioles:                    Banjos Bakery


                               Kennedy Bros Painting

                               Claremont Hotel

                               Kentucky Fried Chicken

                               One on One Financial


Haymes Paints Ballarat

Kennedy Bros Painting

Bennetto Finance

Park Hotel Bistro Ballarat

2018 Victorian Masters Carnival

VIC MASTERS 2018. The twenty-second annual Victorian Masters Baseball Carnival has been scheduled for Prince of Wales Reserve (Ballarat) from Friday 16 March to Sunday 18 March 2018. While the dates are subject to approval by City of Ballarat, we do not expect any issue in that regard. http://www.vicmasters.baseball.com.au/

David (17/5/2017)

Jamie McIntyre Player of the Year 2016-17

With 17 votes, Andrew "Sully" Sullivan (Eastern Athletics) was the winner of the Jamie McIntyre Player of the Year for 2016-17 at Saturday's Baseball Tasmania Presentation Night. Sully had earlier won the batting champion title with an average of 0.630 but he was still shocked when he was announced as this season's winner. Sully won from Jimmy Clout (13 votes), Tim Holland (13) Fiona Don (12). James Jubb (12) and Ryan Oakley (12). Congratulations to Sully on a great season. David (2/4/2017)

Baseball Beyond Our Borders: Hobart baseball in print

Very pleased to announce that a chapter on baseball in Hobart is part of a book about about baseball around the world which has just been released in the USA. http://www.nebraskapress.unl.edu/product/Baseball-Beyond-Our-Borders,677378.aspx I would like to extend our thanks to Professor George Gmelch for writing the chapter and to Dave Edwards and Michael Scott for their original input to this article. David (27/1/2017)

Cricket Tasmania go to bat

Thanks to John Hayes and Rhett Lockyer from Cricket Tasmania for catching up this morning to discuss future collaborations between Cricket Tasmania and Baseball Tasmania. Discussions included baseball sessions with Brad Harman from the Melbourne Aces and a baseball game between members of the Tassie Tigers' cricket squad and the HSBL. Stay tuned for further updates as they become available. David

David (25/5/2016)

Launceston Baseball League Facebook Page Online: Going north....(updated 30/8/2016)

The Facebook page for the Launceston Baseball League is now up and running. Thank you very much to Nicole Perry for setting up and advertising the page. David (30/8/2016)

Launceston Baseball League Facebook page


Huge thanks to Nicole and Andrew Perry for catching up this evening to discuss starting up a baseball competition in Launceston. Andrew has kindly agreed to be the contact for anyone (male or female) interested in playing baseball in Launceston and he can be contacted by email at perry.andrew83@yahoo.com.au. 

David (6/6/2016)


The Australian Masters Games have been awarded to north west Tasmania and a baseball competition will be held at the Spreyton ground in October 2017. I shall be meeting with members of the Devonport City Council next week and will take the opportunity to meet with people who have shown interest in playing baseball in Launceston. For further information on this trip, either email me at baseballtasmania@yahoo.com or call me on 0468 927 363.

David (31/5/2016)

Smoking policy

As we near the start of the 2016/17, I would just like to remind members and spectators about the law regarding smoking around sporting events.

"Tasmanian legislation (Public Health Act 1997) bans smoking within 20 metres of competition, seating or marshalling areas at outdoor sportsgrounds while a sporting event is being conducted. This includes the period 30 minutes before and after the sporting event. It does not include informal or impromptu sporting activities.
Coaches, players, officials and volunteers will refrain from smoking while involved in an official capacity for the Association and affiliated club, on and off the field. No images of Association volunteers, members, officials, coaches and players smoking at Association-related activities are to be placed on social media."

It is the responsibility of managers and administrators to ensure these rules are adhered to. (The full document is located under New Member Information "Health & Safety"

David (13/9/2016)

Scorers, base umpires and umpiring co-ordinator requested...

Our committee works tirelessly to help our season progress and the enthusiasm for our upcoming season and our future is amazing. In the last couple of seasons, we have seen the benefits of having scorers and plate umpires (as opposed to catchers umpiring). As the league continues to expand, it is a no-brainer that we need to improve the integrity of our game by including base umpires. In the absence of any alternatives, the base umpires will be sourced from the teams. Members of the Masters' teams have plate umpired the bulk of our games for a number of years but it is important that we have an umpiring roster so that both umpires and teams know where they stand. I support Chris Chalker's post on Facebook calling for someone (other than a committee member) to help organise an umpiring roster. Whilst I believe the Master's players would once again be willing to plate umpire, it is unfair to both them and the teams not to have some idea (in advance) as to when they will be umpiring. The alternative is to have me umpiring each game....hmmm...could be interesting!!

David (24/9/2016)


One of the success stories of the 2014/15 season was the Presentation Night held in March. This night, and the awards presented thereon, would not have happened without the statistics obtained from the scoring of our games by Jared Rush and Norm Johns. There is a strong chance Norm will not be scoring in the 2015/16 season so I am inviting expressions of interest from not only members but also supporters to learn how to score and thus spread the load of scoring our games. Peter Hubble has volunteered his services to teach people how to score.

David 22/6/2015

Upfront payment

Players are reminded that it is a requirement, and has been for many seasons, that a non refundable amount of $50 be paid BEFORE playing your first game of baseball. This $50 pays for your registration with Australian Baseball Federation (ABF) and your insurance. I will be at the pre-season games to take payments and registrations.

David (28/10/2015)

New Tassie Masters' Teams sponsor

More big news from the weekend, Chris Chalker has secured sponsorship for the 2016 Tassie Masters' teams with Park Hotel Bistro in Ballarat. On Thursday 17th March 2016, those members of the two teams will be attending the bistro for a feed, drinks and the presentation of caps sponsored by the hotel. Thanks again to Chris for all his hard work.

David (7/12/2015)

Player availability

Just a reminder to players; it helps your team immensely if you can advise your manager of your availability to play....well in advance of the game. I appreciate there are unavoidable last minute reasons to be unavailable but all players have access to a roster and in the majority of cases, would know of their availability in advance. It should not be left to the manager to constantly run after players to check on their availability.

Early notification means your manager can reach out to the manager of the team which has the bye in that week to see if anyone from his or her team is interested in filling in.


Fill-ins should initially be sourced from the team which has the bye for that week. If no-one is available then alternatives can be looked at.

Rules regarding fill-ins: (from previous seasons)

  • Fill-ins must be placed last in the batting order to ensure that regular team members have the best game opportunities
  • Fill-ins cannot pitch or catch unless with prior arrangement between the competing team managers

David (9/12/2015)

Breaking news

Following on from tonight's general committee meeting, I am happy to announce some exciting news about the upcoming 2015/16 HSBL season. 

  • On the weekend commencing 31st October, a team from the Wollongong Pirates (NSW) will play a series of games against teams representing the HSBL. Other activities will be planned for the weekend so stay tuned for further details. Thanks to Chris Chalker for organising this. 
  • The 2015/16 season will be played over 15 rounds with a preseason lightning competition to allow new players to find their feet and to determine final teams for the season proper. This preseason competition will be held in conjunction with open days which will be scheduled for earlier in October, further details to be provided shortly.

David 29/7/2015

News headlines

Dragons are premiers again!!! 2016-17


Dragons go back to back in 2016-17

Baseball Tasmania Presentation Night: 1st April; change of venue


Change of venue for presentation night

Banjos Orioles Orange minor premiers for season 2016-17


Banjos Orioles Orange minor premiers

Statistically speaking


Last advertised stats prior to Presentation Night on April 1st

Raine & Horne HSBL season 2016/17: Grand Final: Banjos Orioles Orange V Dragons


Line ups for the 2016-17 Grand Final

Happy New Year....AND save these dates!!


Important 2017 dates

Raine & Horne HSBL season 2016/17: results round twenty


Results of games up to and including round twenty

2016 Fees entrants


Those players eligible for the 2016 fees draw:


TCA Net bookings


How to book the TCA nets for practice

Opening Day Raine & Horne HSBL season 2016/17


What an opening round to the 2016/17 season...

Registration form for HSBL 2016/17

Click here for registration form

Baseball Tasmania EFT details

Account: Baseball Tasmania

BSB: 037-001

Account number: 481722


Tasmanian Masters Baseball banking details

Tasmanian Masters Baseball Association

BSB: 633 108

A/C: 1301 92453

Details: name of player or sponsor

David 5/2/2015

Upcoming games

Dragons 2016-7 Champions

Manager of Dragons, Adam de Cotter receiving Hubble Edwards Shield from Peter Hubble (L) and David Edwards (R)

Facebook (updated 25/11/2016)

500 "likes" on our Facebook page!!! Thank you very much to all those supporting baseball in Hobart.

David (25/11/2016)


I am pleased to announce that today we reached 400 likes on our Facebook page. On behalf of Baseball Tasmania, I would like to thank all those people who have "liked" our page because it is through your interest that we are able to spread the word, not only about baseball but also softball and the new t-ball league.

David 26/8/2016


Launceston Baseball League Facebook page

Hot off the breakfast grill at Hotel Soho


Statistically minded

Socially Speaking

This section is for the promotion of social events being conducted round Hobart. Anyone wishing to promote an event, please contact us. David.



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Opening Day Hobart Summer Baseball League 2014/15

The Home of Baseball: Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground