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10th September 2014

A comment....

When one decides to participate in any sport and/or its administration, there is a commitment of time and cost and a duty to behave appropriately, no matter what the level. I enjoy seeing our game prosper but I am tired of devoting all my time and effort and not having the support of others. This support can be simply fufilling your financial obligations, supporting your team mates appropriately, obeying simple requests, keeping promises, volunteering to help out once in a while rather than leaving it all to the same few people. If this is unacceptable, then maybe I am not the right person to be in this position.

I shall add a bit here following some complimentary comments placed on the Facebook post:

"Just to clarify something here, whilst I appreciate the accolades, my post was never about that.....nor is being president. I am in the job with the aim of trying to re-establish baseball to the participation levels of when Jamie McIntyre (who posted a comment) was playing in his junior years. To introduce to juniors and young adults alike, the game of baseball. To put forward a fun, exciting alternative to the sports where all the power, money and bias is. Circumstances mean I do have more time than most to do baseball stuff...and I wouldn't change that for the moment....but it is the issues I have mentioned above which frustrate and risk me becoming very disillusioned with the whole thing."

David (5/2/2016)

Popstar's stolen motor bike

At 4.30 this morning, Jared's (Popstar) motor bike was stolen from his house in Glenorchy. The culprits almost ran him down in their getaway vehicle, which may have subsequently been torched. We all know how wonderful and dedicated to baseball, softball and t-ball, Jared is....please help him retrieve his only means of transport. David (29/1/2016)

Striking Gold and Silver

I am thrilled to announce that we have two new sponsors. Firstly, our Gold Sponsor for season 2015/16 will be Raine & Horne Real Estate Hobart. As a Gold Sponsor, Raine & Horne can put their name to an end of season award and they have chose "Best Defensive Player". Thanks go to David Brooks for arranging this. ------------------------------------------- I would also like to welcome on board as a sponsor Fish Focus Consulting as a Silver Sponsor and would like to thank Kristie & Sully for their support. Kristie & Sully's sponsorship comes in the form of provision of the tops to be worn by the participants in the inaugural Celebrity Game to be held on Sunday 1st November at noon. David (30/10/2015)

Vantage Hotels

Pleased to announce Baseball Tasmania's first Bronze Sponsor for the HSBL, Vantage Hotels. Thank you very much for your support. David 24/9/2015

HSBL sponsors (Updated 7/12/2015)


Gold Sponsor: Raine & Horne Real Estate Hobart

Silver sponsor: A & K Sullivan Pty Ltd t/a Fish Focus Consulting

Bronze sponsor: Vantage Hotels


Hobart Blue Jays:      Hotel Soho

Northern White Sox:  Tas Keno

Orioles:                    Banjos Bakery


                               Kennedy Bros Painting

                               Claremont Hotel

                               Kentucky Fried Chicken


Haymes Paints Ballarat

Kennedy Bros Painting

Bennetto Finance

Park Hotel Bistro Ballarat

Running home

The run home...nothing is guaranteed!!!!...well other than the Dragons and Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays will definitely be in the finals! David (5/2/2016)

2015/16 Finals series

After discussion with committee members it has been decided that the 2015/16 finals will be fought out between the top four sides. In the first week of the finals the games will be 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 with the winners of each game to play off in the Grand Final on Sunday 6th March. As in past seasons, to be eligible to play in the finals, players must have all their appropriate fees paid AND have played at least five (5) games.

David (26/1/2016)

The week ahead....(ending 14/2/2016)



Tuesday 9th February: optional training Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground

Clarence Angels t-ball training: 4.30 pm Howrah Primary School

Northern Stars & Derwent Dolphins t-ball training:
8 and under: 5 to 6pm
11 and under 6 to 7pm

Wednesday 10th February: HSBL round 13

Northern White Sox V Dragons 5.45pm: 

Thursday 11th February

Hobart Giants t-ball training 3.30 pm Mt Nelson Primary School

Banjos Orioles V Eastern Athletics 5.45pm:

Saturday 13th February:

Batter Up T-ball League 

8 and under 9.30 am

Base Invaders 10 am

11 and under 10.45 am

Sunday 14th February HSBL round 14

Dragons V Banjos Orioles 10.30 am

Eastern Athletics V Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays  1 pm


David (7/2/2016)

Wow!!!!....what an effort....Sunday's BBQ ruled!!

Ok...the final count has been done...and I am excited to announce that the hard work put in by the team at the Masters' fundraising BBQ last Sunday was duly rewarded....we made a net profit of $1407.85!!!! Congratulations to all involved.

David (26/1/2016)


Thank you to Carol & Peter Hubble, Brad Howlett, Karen Wilkie, Steve Millington, Andrew "Sully" Sullivan, Michael Hegarty, Dave Coad, Grant Stump, Dean Chamberlain, Richie Law and Brendan Adams for their work with today's BBQ at Bunnings. Grant deserves special mention as he was not scheduled to help today but he stepped in to fill the breech.

Thank you also to Banjos Glenorchy for supplying the bread, to Robinsons Meat in Glenorchy for the bulk of the sausages and to Fresh Cut of North Hobart for supplying the onions.

David (24/1/2016)

Masters Baseball BBQ Sunday 24th January

A reminder that the Masters Baseball teams will be holding a fundraising BBQ at Glenorchy Bunnings tomorrow (24th) from 9 am to 4pm. If you are in the area and feeling peckish, drop in for some expertly cooked sausages or just to say hi! 
David (23/1/2016)

Help required:

Thanks to Ian Wood from the Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays for his assistance in this matter.

David (23/1/2016)


Urgent call out for help. On Sunday we are holding a fund raising BBQ at Bunnings Glenorchy. A large quantity of chopped onions has been purchased but it needs to be kept refrigerated. Does anyone have a large fridge etc in which these onions could be kept till Sunday morning?

David (22/1/2016)

0468 927 363

Different training night: Monday 25th January

For next week ONLY, training will be held on Monday night due to the public holiday on Tuesday. Gate will be opened approximately 5.15 pm.

David (21/1/2016)

Outstanding registration forms

My records indicate that I have not received registration forms from the members listed below. This list DOES NOT mean that payments have not been received from these people, it just means I have no data which I can input onto the Baseball Australia database. Could you please complete a form and give it to me ASAP. I will have forms with me but one can print one from our website by accessing "New member info" on the menu then clicking on "forms". Thank you

David (18/1/2016)

Adams, Brendan

Artis, Tim

Burgess, Linton

Clout, Jimmy

Coad, Dave

Davies, Shane

De Cotter, Adam

Featherstone, Jason

Fox, Mathew

Harris, Steve

Horne, Scott

Law, Richie

McIntyre, Jamie

McManus, Peter

Robins, Stuart

Saxby, Rod

Stump, Jacob

Stump, Grant

Vorwerk, Tim

Watts, Rhys


Planning ahead

Even though we still have some games to go in this season, it is not too early to start planning for next season. To this end, Baseball Tasmania will have a stall at an Expo for International Students to be held in mid February. Hopefully, we will secure some new players through this.
As you would be aware, we have some 12 & 13 year old's who have been bat boys for our teams. They are keen to play their own baseball so I am asking people to put the word out there for potential players aged 12 to 16. We hope to get some players from the existing t-ball competition but that is still in the planning stages.

David (16/1/2016)

HSBL History made: Banjos Orioles win!!!

In a thrilling encounter to mark the first game in 2016, the Orioles won their first HSBL game yesterday by defeating the Eastern Athletics, 12-8. Fielding perhaps their strongest team for the season, including Jimmy Clout and Stuart Robins, the Orioles jumped out to an early 5-0 lead, Clout driving in two runs. The Athletics stormed back to trail 5-3, to tie it up at 7 apiece after two innings and to actually take an 8-7 lead going into the top of the fourth. The game then changed as Nik Wolf, Robins and Linton Burgess all got on base in front of Clout who proceeded to launch a ball out of the park, the Orioles first grand slam home run and to give them a lead they would not relinguish. Clout starred going 3 from 4 but Robins hit two doubles in his debut for the Orioles and the victory was a team effort. David Wighman took a great outfield catch (and wasn't he excited!!) to inspire his team mates. David (11/1/2016)

Fill-ins for Sunday & rules

At this stage, it looks as though the Northern White Sox will be significantly short of players for their game on Sunday 1pm. If there are any Blue Jays players who are available to play, could you please contact me. Due to the lack of numbers, there will not be a BBQ operating.

Seems an ideal time to remind team managers regarding the rules for fill-ins. 

  • fill-ins will initially be sourced from the team which has the bye
  • fill-ins must be placed at the end of the batting order
  • fill-ins cannot catch or pitch unless with prior arrangement between the team managers and umpire


David (7/1/16)

Victorian Masters Carnival payments

Could all those players who have indicated they will be going to Ballarat, particularly the over 35's, please pay some money into the account below within the next fortnight. In order to secure our accommodation in Ballarat, a member has prepaid for it so I am sure you can understand the urgency in reimbursing him.

Name: Tasmanian Masters Baseball
BSB: 633108
A/C: 130192453
Information: Your name

David (4/1/2016)

Membership fees for season 2015/16 (updated 31/12/2015)

A friendly reminder regarding registration fees and players' obligations. Fees for 2015/16 were increased to cover ground rental from the G C C and to donate $5 of each registration to the future of our game, the Batter Up T-ball League. (Southern Softball are making the same donation from their players' memberships.) This fee was decided upon before we had five teams in the league and advised prior to the season commencing. As in past seasons, there were two ways of paying either, a payment in full or a payment per game. Notwithstanding how payments were to be made, there was a compulsory up front payment of $50 per player to ensure they were covered under the ABL insurance. In a payment per game scenario, a player would pay their $50 to get on the field then let's say they had played five games (including their first game) to this point in season. The money owed would be 5 x 15 = $75. (5 x 10 for under 18, unemployed etc). As we bring 2015 to a close, unfortunately there are still players who have either not paid their fees in full or made appropriate payments per game. I would hope that this can be rectified before our first round of games in 2016.

David (31/12/2015)


Over the next few days, I shall be sending team managers a list of the registration payments and games played for each of their players. I will be including details of those players from whom I have not received a registration form as I cannot update the Australian Baseball database without this information. 
Baseball Tasmania has one of the cheapest membership fees of any sport and is very generous in allowing payment of same. Accordingly, it is not unreasonable to expect players to have paid their full membership or to at least have a payment plan in place, by a certain date in the season. As has been advised since the beginning of the season, this "date" is Thursday 17th December.


...and the winner of the fees refund is......Grant Stump from the Eastern Athletics! 

David (6/12/2015)


Just a reminder that to be eligible to go into the draw for one member to have all their fees refund, full fees must be paid by midnight on 30th November 2015.

This is a list of the members from whom we have received full fees.

David Wightman; Grant Stump; Jacob Stump; John Langenberg; Steve Harris; Michael Hegarty; Matt Drumm; Jesse Warburg; Nik Wolf; Rod Saxby; Chris Morrison; Zac Shutt; Richard Benoit; Hamish Maitland; Ian Wood; Kay Hong; Roly Trustum; David Humphries; Mathew Fox; Ryan Oakley; Josh Byrne; Andrew Sullivan; Paul McIntyre; Jared Rush

David (4/12/2015)


As I did not notify members this last week, the cutoff date to be eligible to go into the draw for one member to receive a full refund of his or her fees, has been extended from 22nd to 30th November. I will put up a list of those members who have paid their full fees, thus far, onto our website as soon as possible.

David (21/11/2015)


With the 2015/16 HSBL season commencing next Sunday, I would like to again highlight the fees listed below and the conditions associated with payment of same. To protect each player, it is extremely important that each player competing on Sunday has paid $50 of their membership fee to cover them for insurance. To assist with this, I will be emailing each team manager a list of their squad members along with an indication of those members who have made payments.  It is the manager's responsibility to ensure that fees are paid, particularly the initial $50. If players have not paid the $50 before their first game, in the interest of their coverage, we will consider barring them from playing until such time as payment is made.

David (9/11/2015)


At the first committee meeting for season 2015/16, the committee decided that there would be a slight increase in fees for the upcoming season. The fees will be as follows:

Adults:                                                      $195

Under 18/full time students/unemployed       $140

Like most sports, injuries can occur in baseball so it is important that each player is covered by insurance BEFORE competing in their first game. To this end, $50 (non-refundable) of the above fees MUST be paid BEFORE playing in your first game. This $50 not only covers insurance under the Australian Baseball Federation (ABF) but also registers you as a member of the ABF for the season. 

Other matters relating to fees:

  • payments will still be accepted per game and will be $15 per adults and $10 for under 18 etc. Once again, regardless of whether one is paying per game or in full, $50 will need to be paid upfront. Ideally, it would help if members notified managers and/or me of how they intend to pay their fees prior to the season commencing.
  • if full payment of fees are made by 22nd November, the members will go into a draw to have their total fees refunded to them. Past winners of this have been Jason Featherstone (Dragons) and Dave Brooks (Northern White Sox)
  • Unless paying per game or with an alternative arrangement, full fees must be paid by the LAST ROSTER GAME IN 2015. This is a very generous payment arrangement as most other sports would require full payment before playing your first game. Failure to pay or to have an arrangement in place will mean those players will be ineligible to play in 2016 until such time as payment etc is made. We appreciate that some players may have financial restraints so, as with last season, alternative arrangements can be made with your respective team managers or with me. 
  • To be eligible to play in the finals, full fees must have been paid, including those players paying per game or on alternative arrangements, by the final roster match of the 2015/16 season. 

David 9/5/2015

HSBL 2016 Presentation Night & other points of note

Pending discussion with committee, the 2016 HSBL Presentation Night is tentatively penciled in for Friday 8th April.


Bank accounts for EFT payments:

Baseball Tasmania
BSB: 037-001
A/C: 481722

BSB: 633108
A/C: 130192453


Entertainment books will be available for purchase (and fundraising) in early 2016. Stay tuned for further information.


The Orioles are going for drinks at the Claremont Hotel tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6pm if anyone would like to join them.


David (29/12/2015)

Way back when....

Dean Vervaart's medals from his days playing for the Glenorchy Braves. Thanks Dean for the photos. David (15/12/2015)

New Tassie Masters' Teams sponsor

More big news from the weekend, Chris Chalker has secured sponsorship for the 2016 Tassie Masters' teams with Park Hotel Bistro in Ballarat. On Thursday 17th March 2016, those members of the two teams will be attending the bistro for a feed, drinks and the presentation of caps sponsored by the hotel. Thanks again to Chris for all his hard work.

David (7/12/2015)

TV & YouTube

Tonight on Southern Cross News there will be film from last night's game between the Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays and the Eastern Athletics as part of a report on baseball.

The same film can be found on YouTube at:  https://youtu.be/44F1FY8aEpU

Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays V Eastern Athletics 

David (4/12/2015)

Congratulations Terese

On behalf of Baseball Tasmania, I would like to congratulate Terese Millhouse of the Northern White Sox on winning this year's Family Carer Award for Tasmania. Below is information read out at yesterday's award ceremony.

Terese Millhouse has been selected as the state winner in the Family Carer category. 
Terese is finding news way to slow down and experience life with her five year old daughter 
Eleanor now that their life has changed beyond what she could have imagined.
She will always remember the laughter and love and great times she shared with her 
husband, Iraq War veteran Matt Millhouse.
At just 36 years of age, Matt passed away on August 28 2015 after a short battle with rapid, 
younger-onset dementia. Terese and husband Matt had been together for 12 years. 
They were both incredibly brave. When Matt had been deployed to Iraq with the Australian 
Defence Force, fulfilling his career responsibilities, Terese formed an unbreakable bond with 
a group of other wives and partners. Within the group, Terese was the rock. She was 
described as being “like the big sister with the words of wisdom and comfort she provided, 
even while she was going through the same emotions”.
Moving to Tasmania after Matt’s second tour of duty in Iraq, Terese and Matt looked to new 
horizons and a return to their home state and to being around their families. They married in 
Hobart and in 2010 their daughter was born.
Shortly after, and with little warning, their lives changed again when in 2013 Trooper 
Millhouse was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, and later with 
early onset dementia and Alzheimer's. 
Terese resigned from her full time employment and became Matt’s carer, staying strong by 
his side, encouraging, helping and loving him, while also caring for their daughter. Her focus 
was on ensuring he was comfortable and surrounded by love and happiness and also getting 
everything he needed.
Together they made a commitment to focus on raising awareness of his illness to help with 
education and research efforts. 
They participated in various media interviews and Terese has participated in major 
community events including Kayaking from Kingston to Sandy Bay to raise awareness. 
Terese says she will continue to share Matt’s story on a national scale. She says her major 
goals are to raise awareness of PTSD, depression, traumatic brain injury, dementia, and the 
need for more accommodation for young people living with serious illness or disability.

David (19/11/2015)

2015/16 Regular Season Roster

Please find below a link to the 2015/16 regular season roster. The format of the finals will be determined by the committee at a later date.



2015/16 regular season

Player availability

Just a reminder to players; it helps your team immensely if you can advise your manager of your availability to play....well in advance of the game. I appreciate there are unavoidable last minute reasons to be unavailable but all players have access to a roster and in the majority of cases, would know of their availability in advance. It should not be left to the manager to constantly run after players to check on their availability.

Early notification means your manager can reach out to the manager of the team which has the bye in that week to see if anyone from his or her team is interested in filling in.


Fill-ins should initially be sourced from the team which has the bye for that week. If no-one is available then alternatives can be looked at.

Rules regarding fill-ins: (from previous seasons)

  • Fill-ins must be placed last in the batting order to ensure that regular team members have the best game opportunities
  • Fill-ins cannot pitch or catch unless with prior arrangement between the competing team managers

David (9/12/2015)

2015/16 HSBL Promotional poster

Promotional poster for 2015/16

The baseball poster promoting the 2015/16 season. Thank you Maree Copping for designing the poster and Ryan Oakley for organising it. It would be appreciated if members and friends could print out the poster and hang it up at their respective places of employment to help promote our competition. Thanks

David 14/9/2015

HSBL invite to women participants

During my wanders around Hobart, several women have expressed interest about playing baseball. Our league is open to both men and women and I would encourage any women who may wish to pursue that interest, to attend the "Come and Try" days to be held ove the next four Sundays. All sessions will be held at Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground, Gepp Parade Goodwood, commencing at 10.30 am

David (10/10/2015)

Upfront payment

Players are reminded that it is a requirement, and has been for many seasons, that a non refundable amount of $50 be paid BEFORE playing your first game of baseball. This $50 pays for your registration with Australian Baseball Federation (ABF) and your insurance. I will be at the pre-season games to take payments and registrations.

David (28/10/2015)

2015/16 Match Committee

At the conclusion of last season it was suggested that we establish a match committee to review our playing conditions with the aim of making them clearer and more relevant to our competition. I am happy to announce that the following have volunteered to form this committee: Dave Edwards; Steve Harris; Jesse Warburg; David Brooks and Matt Drumm.

The committee will also convene during the season to resolve any non umpiring decision disputes that arise during our games.

David 21/6/2015

Scorers required

One of the success stories of the 2014/15 season was the Presentation Night held in March. This night, and the awards presented thereon, would not have happened without the statistics obtained from the scoring of our games by Jared Rush and Norm Johns. There is a strong chance Norm will not be scoring in the 2015/16 season so I am inviting expressions of interest from not only members but also supporters to learn how to score and thus spread the load of scoring our games. Peter Hubble has volunteered his services to teach people how to score.

David 22/6/2015

Breaking news

Following on from tonight's general committee meeting, I am happy to announce some exciting news about the upcoming 2015/16 HSBL season. 

  • On the weekend commencing 31st October, a team from the Wollongong Pirates (NSW) will play a series of games against teams representing the HSBL. Other activities will be planned for the weekend so stay tuned for further details. Thanks to Chris Chalker for organising this. 
  • The 2015/16 season will be played over 15 rounds with a preseason lightning competition to allow new players to find their feet and to determine final teams for the season proper. This preseason competition will be held in conjunction with open days which will be scheduled for earlier in October, further details to be provided shortly.

David 29/7/2015

Baseball Tasmania executive committee 2015/16

Thank you very much to those members who attended this evening's AGM and to Hotel Soho for the use of their facilities. 
The following members will form the executive committee for the 2015/16 season:

President: David Searle
Snr vice president: Chris Chalker
Vice president: Zac Shutt
Treasurer: Peter Hubble
Secretary: Steve Lovegrove

Congratulations to all those elected.

David 28/4/2015

Brendan Adams 2014/15 Player of the Year

Brendan Adams of the Dragons receiving the Jamie McIntyre "Player of the Year" Award from Jamie at last night's inaugural HSBL Presentation Evening and Dinner held at Hotel Soho. David 15/3/2015

We are the champions!

Tassy Tigers over 45's side; division two champions in the 2015 Victorian Masters Baseball Carnvial. Ballarat 26th-29th March 2015. Our victory plaque. David 30/4/2015

News headlines

The Banjos Orioles fly in......


History was made at Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground tonight when the new team, the Orioles, played their first game in the HSBL against the Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays. 

Weekend fun with the Pirates Day 1


A sunny day greeted the Northern Pirates for their first two games against composite sides from the HSBL.

Blue Jays fly home with sponsorship


The Blue Jays, through Baseball Tasmania, are proud to announce that they have secured sponsorship from Hotel Soho for the 2014/15 season. 

Season 2015/16 updates


Season 2015/16 updates


Preparing for the Pirates


Taking a stand (or three). Thank you very much to Glenorchy Lord Mayor Kristie Johnston and GCC General Manager, Peter Brooks, for granting us approval to use the stands. Thanks also to Glenn Sheppard, Roly Curley and those GCC workers who transported and placed the stands. 

David (27/10/2015)



Mizuno stock has arrived (bottom photos)


Sponsorship 2015/16


Season 2014/15 saw the first team sponsorship in league history; sponsors for our Masters teams and generous donations from individuals and Tas Keno. 
In past seasons, the league has been primarily financed by membership fees but as we head into a new era of baseball in Hobart, any sponsorship or donations, no matter how small, are welcomed to aid our expansion.

How far have we come you may ask?....well....2014/15 saw:

Festive Season wishes and thanks


A sporting competition cannot survive without the generous support, both financial and participation, from many organisations and people throughout not only our community but also interstate.

On behalf of Baseball Tasmania and the Hobart Summer Baseball League, I would like to convey our thanks and wishes for a safe and happy Festive season to the following organisations and people who have supported us in 2015.


Hot off the breakfast grill at Hotel Soho


Baseball Tasmania EFT details

Account: Baseball Tasmania

BSB: 037-001

Account number: 481722


Tasmanian Masters Baseball banking details

Tasmanian Masters Baseball Association

BSB: 633 108

A/C: 1301 92453

Details: name of player or sponsor

David 5/2/2015

Statistically minded

These stats are up to round 7. Thank you Chris Morrison for compiling these.

Batting average leaders (minimum of 14 plate appearances)
Shane Bromfield (Orioles) 0.615
Ryan Oakley (Blue Jays) 0.611
Shane Davies (Dragons) 0.600
Zac Shutt (Blue Jays) 0.556
Matt Cashman (White Sox) 0.538
Richard Benoit (Athletics) 0.522

Home run leaders:
Shane Davies (Dragons) 4
Brendan Adams (Dragons) 3
Richard Benoit (Athletics) 2

Zac Shutt (king of the walks) (Blue Jays) 7
Mathew Fox (White Sox) 7
Jesse Warburg (Athletics) 6
Josh Byrne (Blue Jays) 5

HSBL Standings after round 11

Thanks to Zac Shutt for compiling these David 31/1/2016

Results and upcoming games (updated 31/1/2016)

Sunday 15th November:

Round 1

Dragons 15 defeated Eastern Athletics 9

Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays 15 defeated Northern White Sox  7

Round 2:

Wednesday 18th November: Eastern Athletics 11 defeated Northern White Sox 7

Thursday 19th November: Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays 10 defeated Orioles 2

Round 3:

Wednesday 25th November: Eastern Athletics defeated Orioles

Thursday 26th November: Dragons 8 defeated Northern White Sox 3

Round 4:

Wednesday 2nd Decemeber: Dragons 17 defeated Orioles 5

Thursday 3rd December: Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays 16 defeated Eastern Athletics 8

Round 5:

Sunday 6th December:

Dragons 20 defeated Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays 5

Northern White Sox 10 defeated Orioles 9

Round 6:

Wednesday 9th December: Eastern Athletics V Dragons 5.45pm

Thursday 10th December: Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays 19 defeated Northern White Sox 4

Round 7:

Wednesday 16th December: Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays 17 defeated Orioles 9

Thursday 17th December: Northern White Sox 8 defeated Eastern Athletics 7

Round 8:

Sunday 10th January:  10.30 am   Eastern Athletics 8 defeated by Orioles 12

                                  1pm          Dragons 12 defeated Northern White Sox 10

Round 9:

Wednesday 13th January:   Dragons 11 defeated Orioles 9

Thursday 14th January:       Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays defeated  Eastern Athletics

Round 10:

Wednesday 20th January: Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays 16 defeated Dragons 14

Thursday 21st January: Banjos Orioles 11 defeated Northern White Sox 3

Round 11:

Wednesday 27th January: Dragons 15 defeated Eastern Athletics 4

Thursday 28th January:     Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays 20 defeated Northern White Sox 6

Round 12:

Wednesday 3rd February: Eastern Athletics V Northern White Sox 5.45 pm

Thursday 4th February:    Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays V Banjos Orioles


(The first named team is the home team and will occupy the third base dugout)

All games will be played at Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground.

David (31/1/2016)

Facebook (updated 5/10/2015)

I am pleased to announce that today we reached 200 likes on our Facebook page. On behalf of Baseball Tasmania, I would like to thank all those people who have "liked" our page because it is through your interest that we are able to spread the word, not only about baseball but also softball and the new t-ball league.

David 5/10/2015


Northern White Sox HSBL 2014/15 Champions

Northern White Sox: HSBL Premiers 2014/15 Back (L to R) Matt Drumm, Peter McManus, Steven Fry, David Brooks, Casey Moore, Patrick Miller, Mathew Fox, David Searle, Chris Chalker Front (L to R) Andrew Kennedy, David Humphries (manager), Chris Cooper, Matt Cashman Absent: David He, Paul McIntyre, Shaun Newbon, Alex Naylor, Sory Samake (photo credit: Naomi)

The Home of Baseball: Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground

Socially Speaking

This section is for the promotion of social events being conducted round Hobart. Anyone wishing to promote an event, please contact us. David.



Back to where we belong!

Opening Day Hobart Summer Baseball League 2014/15