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10th September 2014

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Hobart Blue Jays:      Hotel Soho


Haymes Paints Ballarat

Kennedy Bros Painting

Bennetto Finance

Informal practice 30th August

Weather permitting, there will be another informal training this Sunday (30th) at approx 11 am on the baseball ground.

David 27/8/2015


Next Sunday (16th) there will be an informal session of throwing, batting etc at the baseball ground, commencng approx 11 am. A LIMITED supply of spare gloves available. If there are any ladies interested in trying out baseball, please feel free to join us.

David 13/8/2015

At today's informal training, we welcomed Jordan Frazier (who may rival Stuart Robbins for the biggest hit in the not too distant future!!) to HSBL, saw off-season debuts by Paul McIntyre; Richard Benoit and Roly Trustum; saw Isaac Daniels demonstrate how to hit to the opposite field and marveled at the left handed power of Nicolas Cabrera (now there is a famous baseball surname!!). Thank you to all for attending.

David 16/8/2015

Upcoming dates of note

Saturday 29th August:     Social 7's Family Day Challenge 10am (see article below)
Friday 4th September:     Coaching course by Jo Paez (see article below)
Saturday 5th September: Coaching course by Jo Paez (see article below)
Sunday 11th October:      First HSBL Open Day
Sunday 18th October:      Second HSBL Open Day
Saturday 24th October:    First round of Batter Up T-ball League
Sunday 25th October:      Third HSBL Open Day
Wednesday 28th October: first game in pre-season competition
Friday 30th October:        Northern Pirates (NSW) baseball team arrive
Saturday 31st October:    Games against Northern Pirates
Sunday 1st November:     Game against Northern Pirates
Sunday 15th November:   HSBL Season 2015/16 commences.

Further information about times, schedules, Northern Pirates events etc will be provided shortly.

David 20/8/2015

Social 7's Family Day 29th August 2015

On Saturday 29th August, commencing at 10 am, Southern Softball will be conducting a Social 7's Family Day at Corrie Jones Park (formerly Softball Park). 

Slow pitch proved to be a success during the winter months and this is an opportunity for baseball and softball to get together for a fun day of activities. 

Teams are mixed with a maximum of seven players. Each player bats and the games last for four innings. If you are interested in forming a team or even being added to a team, registrations can be made at:

Social 7's Family Day registrations

If you would like any further information, please contact Evelyn Seabourne at sballdev@yahoo.com.au

David 11/8/2015

Community Coach Program (SCCP)/Level 1 coaching accreditation courses (updated 18/8/2015)

On Friday 4th September, Jo Paez from Softball Australia will fly into Hobart to conduct Community Coach Program/level 1 coaching accreditation courses at Corrie Jones Park. It is a requirement that those softball/baseball members etc involved in the new formed Batter Up T-ball League have at least the Community Coach accreditation. Further information regarding the courses:

  • the Community Coach Program accreditation will be held on Friday evening at a time to be advised
  • the level 1 coaching will be held on Saturday morning at a time to be advised
  • attendance at both the Community Coach Program and level 1 coaching accreditation would normally be $57 but $40 of this will be subsidised and action is in hand to have the remaining $17 also subsidised
  • if members already have the CCP, attendance at level 1 coaching accreditation will require a personal accreditation fee of $8.80 which cannot be subsidised

These are very basic courses that softball/baseball players and coaches would benefit from and this is a great opportunity to gain your accreditation with very little cost to you. (Softball Victoria charge $80 for this course)

If you are attending or, even if undecided at this time, please to go on line and complete the General Principals portion of accreditation (this applies to all sports) as this must be done before attending and even if not able to attend it gives you the General Principal accreditation for all sports.

Type in Aust Sports Commission or copy the following to your address line


click on  ‘On line coaching course’

then click

‘ASC Online learning portal’

This takes you to ‘registration’ on the right hand side then just follow your nose to General Principals 

There is a chance that Ben Utting, new SAL Sports Development Manager, will also attend.

Along with other programs Ben manages the Sporting Schools program.

If you are attending, please let Evelyn Seabourne know by August 28th so she can let Jo know what she will need to bring with her.


Ev Seabourne

Softball Tasmania



0408 546208


David 18/8/2015

Seeking work

An expat American, currently residing in Melbourne, is keen to move to Hobart to live and play/teach baseball. He has a background as a dental lab technician so if anyone knows of any vacancies, please contact me.

David 24/7/2015

0468 927 363

Breaking news

Following on from tonight's general committee meeting, I am happy to announce some exciting news about the upcoming 2015/16 HSBL season. 

  • On the weekend commencing 31st October, a team from the Wollongong Pirates (NSW) will play a series of games against teams representing the HSBL. Other activities will be planned for the weekend so stay tuned for further details. Thanks to Chris Chalker for organising this. 
  • The 2015/16 season will be played over 15 rounds with a preseason lightning competition to allow new players to find their feet and to determine final teams for the season proper. This preseason competition will be held in conjunction with open days which will be scheduled for earlier in October, further details to be provided shortly.

David 29/7/2015

Batter Up T-ball League (updated 12/5/2015, updated 21/5/2015, updated 11/7/2015)

The 2014/15 season was the most successful, passionate, and competitive season since baseball's rebirth in Hobart in 2007. Our overriding aim for the new season is to build on that success by attracting more sponsors and new players, reviewing playing conditions to eliminate issues which arose last season and to help ensure the future of our game by establishing a t-ball competition in conjunction with Southern Softball. The committee for the latter is working hard but, as with most sports, needs help on the ground, whether it be in coaching a t-ball team or liaising with schools with which members and/or friends have a connection. If anyone can help in this area, a meeting will be held from 10 am to 11 am on Sunday 26th July at Corrie Jones Park (formerly Softball Park). 

David (11/7/15)


Anyone thinking about getting involved with our new T-Ball league as a coach must have a Working With Vulnerable People card. This new legal requirement helps to keep our kids safe. The process at present can take around 6 weeks, so please visit the Tas Justice website for more info and get your form submitted. There will be more news on coaching accreditation to follow in the next few months.

working with children

Thanks to Nigel O'Brien for this information.

David (21/5/2015)


[The NEW Batter Up T-Ball League is coming]


Batter Up T-ball Facebook page (added 13/5/2015)


We want to see baseball thrive in Southern Tasmania, and that means introducing more new players to the game. So, to safeguard the future of baseball in Hobart, we are joining forces with the Southern Tasmanian Softball Association at the grass-roots level…. with the introduction of a new  T-Ball roster for kids.

If you are a parent, and keen for your child to play in an organised T-Ball roster this summer, then now is the time to swing into action and make it happen. Why not make a team up of your child’s school friends…. we will provide you with assistance to make that happen.

Progress is being made already, and presently we have received strong interest to form a Clarence club and a Central Hobart club. We are now looking for enthusiastic people to assist in setting up clubs in Lindisfarne, Kingborough, Northern Suburbs or elsewhere.

The new Batter Up T-Ball League will run on a Saturday morning at Softball Park, and will have mixed teams of boys and girls.

Age divisions will be dependent on registrations received, however we anticipate there will be at least 2 x age divisions:

Grade 1-2

Grade 3-4


Whilst the games are being played, we will also run a modified Batter Up program to cater for those younger kids who are keen to have a go, so they go on to become our T-Ball players, and baseballers of the future.

If you are interested in becoming involved, contact Nigel.

Ph:  0416 784 297      or     email:  batteruptball@gmail.com


David 12/5/2015


You may be aware that representatives from Baseball Tasmania and Southern Softball Tasmania have formed a committee to organise a new t-ball competition. The league will be known as Batter Up T-Ball league and has its own Facebook page under that name. For any further information, please check out the Facebook page or contact me on 0468 927 363.

David 6/5/2015

Scorers required

One of the success stories of the 2014/15 season was the Presentation Night held in March. This night, and the awards presented thereon, would not have happened without the statistics obtained from the scoring of our games by Jared Rush and Norm Johns. There is a strong chance Norm will not be scoring in the 2015/16 season so I am inviting expressions of interest from not only members but also supporters to learn how to score and thus spread the load of scoring our games. Peter Hubble has volunteered his services to teach people how to score.

David 22/6/2015

2015/16 Match Committee

At the conclusion of last season it was suggested that we establish a match committee to review our playing conditions with the aim of making them clearer and more relevant to our competition. I am happy to announce that the following have volunteered to form this committee: Dave Edwards; Steve Harris; Jesse Warburg; David Brooks and Matt Drumm.

The committee will also convene during the season to resolve any non umpiring decision disputes that arise during our games.

David 21/6/2015

Sponsorship 2015/16

Season 2014/15 saw the first team sponsorship in league history; sponsors for our Masters teams and generous donations from individuals and Tas Keno. 
In past seasons, the league has been primarily financed by membership fees but as we head into a new era of baseball in Hobart, any sponsorship or donations, no matter how small, are welcomed to aid our expansion.

How far have we come you may ask?....well....2014/15 saw:

  • the league firmly re-established at Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground
  • the introduction of a designated optional training night
  • all teams wore professional styled uniforms
  • all games were scored and as a result, the league held its first Presentation Evening which was a huge success
  • increased exposure through print media and Facebook and the establishment of a new website which was easy to negotiate and kept up to date with regular information
  • an over 35 years Masters team compete in the annual Victorian Masters Baseball Carnival
  • for the first time, the over 45 years Masters team won the Grand Final of their division in the above carnival
  • the first ever team sponsor in the form of Hotel Soho
  • Kennedy Bros Painting, Bennetto Finance and Haymes Paints Ballarat generously sponsoring the Masters' teams
  • Sinclair's Health and Fitness establishing itself as the main provider of baseball gear in Hobart, offering Baseball Tasmania members a discount on gear purchased through them

What's in the future?

  • with the success of the Masters' teams, enthusiasm amongst existing and past players to participate next year is high and through that, we envisage that the number of participants in our game would grow to enable the league to expand to more teams
  • the establishment of a match committee to update the current playing conditions to make them more relevant to our league
  • improvement of facilities for spectators
  • matches against interstate teams
  • increased exposure through the media, particularly TV
  • the formation of a t-ball competition (see below) and promotional activities at Hobart high schools

My daughter, Naomi, has prepared a sponsorship portfolio for different levels of sponsorship and this is available from me upon request. 

Baseball Tasmania is also involved in a joint venture with Southern Softball to form the Batter Up T-ball league. The future of both sports lies in our youth therefore any financial assistance with the t-ball would also be greatly appreciated.


David 0468 927 363 (20/6/2015)

Membership fees for season 2015/16

At the first committee meeting for season 2015/16, the committee decided that there would be a slight increase in fees for the upcoming season. The fees will be as follows:

Adults:                                                      $195

Under 18/full time students/unemployed       $140

Like most sports, injuries can occur in baseball so it is important that each player is covered by insurance BEFORE competing in their first game. To this end, $50 (non-refundable) of the above fees MUST be paid BEFORE playing in your first game. This $50 not only covers insurance under the Australian Baseball Federation (ABF) but also registers you as a member of the ABF for the season. 

Other matters relating to fees:

  • payments will still be accepted per game and will be $15 per adults and $10 for under 18 etc. Once again, regardless of whether one is paying per game or in full, $50 will need to be paid upfront. Ideally, it would help if members notified managers and/or me of how they intend to pay their fees prior to the season commencing.
  • if full payment of fees are made by 22nd November, the members will go into a draw to have their total fees refunded to them. Past winners of this have been Jason Featherstone (Dragons) and Dave Brooks (Northern White Sox)
  • Unless paying per game or with an alternative arrangement, full fees must be paid by the LAST ROSTER GAME IN 2015. This is a very generous payment arrangement as most other sports would require full payment before playing your first game. Failure to pay or to have an arrangement in place will mean those players will be ineligible to play in 2016 until such time as payment etc is made. We appreciate that some players may have financial restraints so, as with last season, alternative arrangements can be made with your respective team managers or with me. 
  • To be eligible to play in the finals, full fees must have been paid, including those players paying per game or on alternative arrangements, by the final roster match of the 2015/16 season. 

David 9/5/2015

Season 2015/16 updates (updated 29/5)

Whilst the 2014/15 HSBL season has not long finished, tomorrow night sees the first committee meeting to begin planning for the 2015/16 season. The committee will have its own items to discuss at meetings but if any members or interested parties would like any matters raised, please don't hesitate to contact me either via private message on our Facebook site, the website or on 0468 927 363.

David 25/5/2015

(I will be providing regular upates under this heading as they come to hand)

Thank you very much to those members who were able to attend the first season 2015/16 committee meeting last Tuesday. A number of matters were discussed, not the least of which was the formation of a match committee to review our playing conditions and to handle any matters arising from within the games. Further information regarding this and other matters will be posted shortly.

David 29/5/2015

Blasting from the past

Team that represented Tasmania in the 1975 under 13 baseball carnival held in Brisbane. Wouldn't it be great to have junior teams again?!!! Thanks to Diane Palmer, treasurer of Southern Softball for the article. David 3/5/2015 Bryan Denne's uniform from a long time ago Peewee program from 1978 David 12/5/2015

Over 35's Tasmanian Masters Baseball Team stats 2015

Batting stats for the over 35's debut at the Victorian Masters Carnival, Ballarat 2015, Apologies for the delay in posting these. David 6/5/2015

Baseball Tasmania executive committee 2015/16

Thank you very much to those members who attended this evening's AGM and to Hotel Soho for the use of their facilities. 
The following members will form the executive committee for the 2015/16 season:

President: David Searle
Snr vice president: Chris Chalker
Vice president: Zac Shutt
Treasurer: Peter Hubble
Secretary: Steve Lovegrove

Congratulations to all those elected.

David 28/4/2015

Champion's Data

Final statistics of our victorious over 45's team at Ballarat. Thanks to Peter Hubble for providing the data. David 9/4/2015

2014/15 HSBL Presentation Night

A large group of players, partners, family members and special guests attended last night's inaugural HSBL Presentation Evening and Dinner held at Hotel Soho.

Thanks to Hotel Soho and their hard working staff, to all the guests, to my daughter Naomi for taking photos, to Josh Byrne for MC duties and to he and Zac Shutt for helping organise the evening.

Thanks to our special guests for the evening: Alison & Jamie McIntyre; Katrina, David and Jordan Edwards; Nola and Norm Johns and Maureen and Laurie Newman (from Southern Tasmanian Softball).

Congratulations to the following trophy winners:


Jamie McIntyre "Player of the Year" award:     Brendan Adams  (Dragons)

Batting average champion:                             Matt Cashman    (Northern White Sox)

Best pitcher:                                                 Matt Cashman    (Northern White Sox)

Best defensive player:                                    Rhys Watts        (Dragons)

Rookie of the Year:                                        Hamish Maitland (Eastern Athletics)


Certificates were also awarded to:


Most runs scored:                                         Brendan Adams (Dragons)

Most hit batter:                                             Peter Hubble     (Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays)

Leader in runs batted in:                                Shane Davies    (Dragons)

Most home runs:                                          Patrick Miller (Northern White Sox) & Paul Johns (Dragons) with 3 each

Most walks:                                                 Jared Rush (Dragons) & David Searle (Northern White Sox) with 14 each


Lucky door prize winner:

Laurie Newman


David 15/3/2015



Brendan Adams 2014/15 Player of the Year

Brendan Adams of the Dragons receiving the Jamie McIntyre "Player of the Year" Award from Jamie at last night's inaugural HSBL Presentation Evening and Dinner held at Hotel Soho. David 15/3/2015

Victorian Masters Carnival Ballarat 2015

Waiting for the bus at Tullamarine (l to r) Jamie McIntyre, Peter Hubble, Rob Premyakoff, Steve Millington, Dave Coad, Steve Harris, Noel Peters....illustrious members of the Tassy Tigers Over 45 Masters team. Photo credit: Steve Lovegrove Photo of over 35 yrs skipper, Chris Chalker at bat, courtesy of the Victorian Masters Carnival website. Other photos courtesy of Steve Lovegrove David 26/3/2015

We are the champions!

Tassy Tigers over 45's side; division two champions in the 2015 Victorian Masters Baseball Carnvial. Ballarat 26th-29th March 2015. Our victory plaque. David 30/4/2015

2014/15 HSBL Grand Final: Northern White Sox 7 defeated Dragons 2

Thank you

With the 2014/15 season over, there are a number of organisations/people away from baseball I would like to thank for their support.

Stefania Cefola & Kylie Eastley for the Glenorchy Gazette, Eastern Shore Sun and Hobart Observer coverage; the Mercury for publishing our results each week; Sinclair's Health & Fitness; Hotel Soho; Edge Radio 99.3 FM; ABC 936 AM; Heart 107.3FM; Southern Cross TV; Bennetto Finance; Kennedy Bros Painters; Haymes Paints; Glenorchy City Council; Southern Tasmanian Softball; Bunnings Hardware Stores; All Sports Apparel; Tas Keno.

Also thanks to all those people who have "liked" and "shared" our Facebook page as through you, news of our wonderful game gets out there to more and more people which can only help the league to grow.

David 6/3/2015

Congratulations Brendan Adams

Last night, Brendan Adams, of the Dragons, was announced as the inaugural winner of the Jamie McIntyre "Player of the Year" Award. This award was based on votes given by umpires throughout the 2014/15 season. 

Brendan had a great season as his stats below indicate and he was a worthy winner of this prestigious award.

batting average     0.600     (second overall)

rbi's                      14         

runs scored           31        (first)

He was also the mainstay of the Dragons' pitching and a great defensive player. 

Congratulations to Brendan.

David 15/3/2015



Northern White Sox HSBL 2014/15 Champions

The Northern White Sox took out the 2014/15 Hubble Edwards Shield by defeating the Dragons 7-2 in today's Grand Final.

In front of a huge crowd of vocal spectators, the Northern White Sox held the strong Dragons' batting lineup in check with great pitching by Matt Cashman and Chris Chalker and wonderful defence.

Things looked ominous early on for the Sox as they left the bases loaded in the first innings without scoring a run. Fortunately, they were able to restrict the Dragons to just one run in their half of the innings, Paul Johns driving in Chris Harris for the lone run. 

The strong point for the Sox all through the season has been that they bat 1 thru 10, 11 , 12, 13 and today this proved invaluable. In the top of the second, Dave Brooks drove in Dave Humphries for the tying run then he was driven in by Steven Fry for the go ahead run. 

Matt Cashman continued to pitch well and held the Dragons scoreless in the bottom of the second. Brendan Adams was pitching well for the Dragons but when Patrick Miller connected for a two run home run in the top of the third, the Sox had taken a handy 4-1 lead. 

The Sox tacked on another run in the top of the fourth and it was bottom half of this innings where the game had a pivotal moment which proved crucial in the ultimate outcome of the game. The Dragons finally got hold of Cashman and with runners on second and third with no-one out, looked certain to score, if not one run than many more. Cashman has been one of the Sox' outstanding performers throughout the year and he showed it here as he cooly got three outs without allowing any runs, a morale boosting effort for his team.

Another two runs in the top of the fifth gave the Sox a 7-1 lead but once again, the Dragons had runners on base but were only able to score one run as Chris Chalker came on to end a threat. With Paul Johns pitching very well, the Sox found base hits hard to come by but the Dragons were unable to get anything going against Chris Chalker and when Dave Brooks took a catch in the outfield off Shane Davies, the Sox were champions.

Thanks to Peter Hubble (plate), Dave Coad (1st) and Nigel O'Brien (3rd) for umpiring and to Norm Johns for scoring.

After the match, the Hubble Edwards shield was presented to the Northern White Sox and the inaugural President's Medal for best player in the final, was awarded to Patrick Miller of the White Sox.

For the Sox, Patrick Miller had two hits from two at bats with a home run and Dave Humphries 2 from 3. 

For the Dragons, Chris Harris had 2 from 4.

Thank you to Tas Keno for your generous donation which allowed us to buy new bats and no doubt inspired the Sox to victory.

Victorious Sox side:

Manager: David Humphries

David Brooks, Matt Cashman, Chris Chalker, Chris Cooper, Matthew Drumm, Mathew Fox, Steven Fry, David He, Andrew Kennedy, Paul McIntyre, Peter McManus, Patrick Miller, Casey Moore, Alex Naylor, Shaun Newbon, Sory Samake, David Searle



David 1/3/2015


Blue Jays fly home with Hotel Soho sponsorship!

The Blue Jays, through Baseball Tasmania, are proud to announce that they have secured sponsorship from Hotel Soho for the 2014/15 season. Promotion of Hotel Soho will appear at all Blue Jays' games, on the website and in any media relevant to the Jays. Whilst the sponsorship is directly linked to the Jays, the league has an opportunity to gain benefits through this. Each paid member of Baseball Tasmania will receive a Hotel Soho membership card which entitles them to discounts for food, drinks etc, details of which will be provided to team managers in due course. Thank you to Grant and Nigel from Hotel Soho for their support and to Zac Shutt of the Jays for his hard work in securing the sponsorship. http://www.hotelsoho.com.au/ David 14/11/2014

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David 5/2/2015

Northern White Sox HSBL 2014/15 Champions

Northern White Sox: HSBL Premiers 2014/15 Back (L to R) Matt Drumm, Peter McManus, Steven Fry, David Brooks, Casey Moore, Patrick Miller, Mathew Fox, David Searle, Chris Chalker Front (L to R) Andrew Kennedy, David Humphries (manager), Chris Cooper, Matt Cashman Absent: David He, Paul McIntyre, Shaun Newbon, Alex Naylor, Sory Samake (photo credit: Naomi)

Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground

Current ladder

Final standings for season 2014/15.






Games behind













Northern White Sox









Eastern Athletics









Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays










To explain:

  • for each game washed out, the teams receive 1/2 win and 1/2 loss with a tied score of 9-9

Statistically minded

Stats after round sixteen games:

(please note, for the sake of at least some surprise for the Presentation Night to be held in March, I will not be posting any further stats)

Batting average:

Matt Cashman (White Sox) (22 hits/35 at bats) 0.629
Rhys Watts (Dragons) (15/24) 0.625
Brendan Adams (Dragons) (22/36) 0.611
Mathew Fox (White Sox) (12/20) 0.600
David Bailey (Athletics) (11/20) 0.550
Steve Harris (Blue Jays) (17/31) 0.548

Runs batted in (rbi's)

Shane Davies (Dragons) 20
Steve Lovegrove (Athletics) 17
David Searle (White Sox) 16
Evan Toms (Blue Jays) 15
Paul Johns (Dragons) 14


David Searle (White Sox) 12
Richard Benoit (Athletics) 11
Zac Shutt (Blue Jays) 10
Peter Hubble (Blue Jays) 10
Chris Chalker (White Sox) 9
Ryan Oakley (Blue Jays) 9


Brendan Adams (Dragons) 23
Richard Benoit (Athletics) 20
Andrew Sullivan (Athletics) 19
Jason Featherstone (Dragons) 19
Rhys Watts (Dragons) 17


Special thanks must go to Norm Johns and Jared Rush as these stats would not be possible without their devoted time to scoring our games.

David 31/1/2015

Socially Speaking

This section is for the promotion of social events being conducted round Hobart. Anyone wishing to promote an event, please contact us. David.



Back to where we belong!

Opening Day Hobart Summer Baseball League 2014/15